July 15, 2010

Animation Successful(ish)

 < rant>
I got my rig working today, thanks to many painful hours of trying to figure out why my object wouldn't export correctly. Basically, exporting .obj files from blender is whacked, and kills UV maps. So I exported them correctly, with dead UV maps after hours of troubleshooting, changed the UV maps in one, exported its UV coords with UVMapper, and imported it into the rest. One-by-one.
< /rant>

Anyhow, to the left here is the current product, with a texture that shows all of the polys. Currently, he walks around, albeit a small gimp. The gimp was part of the sequence where he moves up, however, various programs turned "up" into "forward". He's animated with a mere 8 frames, and a standing frame. More to come later, if I don't end up shooting myself.

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