May 26, 2012

Visual Probability

Binomial Probability Density Function
The color of each rectangular cell is determined by the probability of an event being "successful" x out of n trials with each event having probability p. Each column is a different probability (p = cell x / total horizontal cells). The number of trials n is represented by the total number of cells vertically (30), and the number of successes per n trials (x) is represented by the y position of the cell divided by the total number of cells vertically.

The probability of each position is then transformed into a color by multiplying it by 960 to get a value for hue, then truncated to a maximum value of 240. 960 is used due to the fact that the highest value for any given cell is roughly 0.25, and I wanted to use the full range of hues.

I created this as I saw the way the numbers on a binomial distribution table moved smoothly from 0+ (very small numbers, but larger than zero) to ~0.25 in a line from upper left to lower right, and wanted to duplicate the appearance with color.

A few more images of varying n and p sizes after the break.

May 6, 2012


Game with a hexagon-based display.
  • Wrote in a character set that includes capital letters, numbers, and some punctuation
  • Dynamic hexagon displays can be used for text and game elements.
  • Going to make an arcade shooter of some sort.
  • Would not be too difficult to implement with real LEDs.

May 4, 2012

I made raocow upset

A bit late on this, but raocow reviewed, or at least attempted to review, my GMC Jam 5 entry 'Daface'.

Now, it appears that I have 1. Evoked unhappy images from raocow's past and 2. Gently stirred the troll-pot that is the YouTube comments section. Fantastic.

Now, as far as raocow goes, I have no issues with his actions and completely respect his decision to stop playing. The condescending comments almost bug me except, well, I don't actually care. It was a joke.

Someone suggested I go on and read the definition of a game.
The first definition is "an amusement or pastime." Therefore, as long as I'm amused, it is a game.
That is all.

Thank you and goodnight.