February 25, 2012

GMC Jam 5 hit me in daface.

Oh Daface, what a sick, sick little joke you were.

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 Time to round up all of the praise, hatred, and general confusing surrounding my GMC Jam 5 entry.

The main thing that most people failed to realize was that my game is a joke, a facade, a cover for my complete and utter laziness. It was not meant to be a serious competitor, and clearly so when you see that it placed 29th, along with 35 other entries. You see, I didn't feel like entering and spending serious time on a game, as that would effectively destroy my weekend. So, I submitted slightly scary garbage as a fun alternative. And best of all, people reacted.

Now for the sad part. Not everyone realized it was a joke. Some couldn't even press F1 and read the instructions. The F1 instructions were even a recommendation in the Jam, so the fact that they weren't checked is disappointing. Oh well.

And now, for the comments!

It doesn't work! It tells me to begin but it won't let me...
- Rusty

Wow... This game is beyond discription. That's hard to accomplish. I take my proverbial hat off to you. 6/10 because it was oddly cool.
- snail man

Rating:  2/5  This is a weird little thing.  Not much to say, really.
- HayManMarc

Find the chain...... What's next??
- ahmed # elyamani

Very very strange. Is there even a chain to find? I got stuck at that part.
- RekNepZ

-Oh god what is that sound!!!?!?
-Find the chain??/ wHAT//?/sa?
-Wait WhaT?
-Im scared man! WTF
-I would say I know what I'm doing but I dont'
-vERy wierd puzzle type game I think....sorta, maybe
-My life does not make sense after this game.
-Now i have no idea what to do....
Conclusion: WTF
[?/?] I literally have no idea how to rate this. I will consult my shink though.
- blopit

It's hard to find out what to press, after I got the player to go to the exit in that one cave (or sheep intestine), the next room came up and I pressed

every key I could think of (to continue to the next room) before giving up and pressing escape.
- orange08

What? I'm not really sure what to say.I couldn't figure out what to do at all.
- Earthwalker

um. Face thing. Weird stuff. Was that a game? (Sadly most memorable so far, lol!)
- dadio

And now that that's wrapped up, a conclusion.

Confused a lot of people, made some impressions, and wasted some time.
All and all I had fun with it, and love all the criticism simply because it was all in good fun.
And a note for future reference - make sure the filename is the same as the game name, otherwise it will be overlooked, or played last (this confused some people, sorry!)

Thanks for reading.

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