December 17, 2011

Game Model Progress

Based on the Audi A4 DTM Edition, whatever that is.
Now, to be honest, the only complete parts of this are the wheels and exhaust pipes, and they're barely visible. The wheels do have a nice tread texture though. The model itself is essentially finished, though I may make some more tweaks later on.
Also, please excuse the horrible shakiness, as I don't know how to animate the camera's rotation around the origin any other way.

Now on my todo list:
  • Find a way to make the windows acceptable (possibly tinting all of them?)
  • Add detail to doors, hood, trunk, and perhaps add a license plate.


  1. Parent the camera to an Empty at the origin and animate the rotZ IPO of the Empty.

    How did you cel-shade it like that it looks awesome.

  2. Under Blender's render tab -> Post Processing, and select the "Edge" checkbox. From there you can change the color and threshold. That's for v2.6. In 2.49b, it's under render -> Output, and there's an Edge button and Edge Settings button.